Diagnostic Service​

Not sure what might be causing slowness on your Mac, experiencing shut downs or another curious issue? The diagnostic service gets you an answer. We provide a quote for labor and parts that need to be replaced, and clean up your Mac by scanning and removing malware. Diagnosis typically requires the computer to be left at Locust Hollow for at least one day. Additional consultation rates may apply if you have questions requiring more than 15 minutes at drop off or pick up. 

$75 flat rate

Consultation at Locust Hollow

What ever the issue, big or small, we're happy to fix it, teach you about it, or get you to a solution. Create a list of questions and concerns and we'll go through them one by one. Personalized consultations on your own devices can greatly increase your efficiency and put nagging unresolved questions to rest. Sign up for a consultation and let's get you on the road to greater effectiveness and integration.


one hour minimum

Home & Business Consultation

Tutoring, consultation and configuration in the comfort of your home or business. Sign up for a visit and we will come to you to get your technology working properly and effectively.


Customers often build a list of different issues they've been experiencing around their home or business and we check them off, one by one.


one hour minimum

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