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COVID-19 Practices at Locust Hollow

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

As we all do our best to practice social distancing and home isolation during this trying COVID-19 pandemic, we are finding that we are using our computers more than ever before. So many work, education and social engagements have been moved over to Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. Here at Locust Hollow I am ready to support you when something breaks down or gets confusing. I am still open for business and have developed a protocol for you to safely drop your computer off for repair or get a remote help session with me using remote desktop software.

I'm encouraging customers who do not need hardware repairs to consider scheduling a remote session. These sessions start on the phone with me walking you through the steps of setting up Zoom if you haven't already installed it. Then we establish a remote connection for me to access your computer over Zoom and chat together while working through your questions and repairs. I can perform malware scans and removals; answer general usage questions; provide training and tutoring; assist you in updating your Squarespace or Wix websites; and much more.

For physical hardware repairs and upgrades, I am accepting drop offs and pick ups at my home shop in Stone Ridge. For these repairs, we schedule a time for you to drop off your equipment here on my porch, we both wear masks, I sanitize your equipment, bring it in for repair and then fully sanitize it again and inform you when it's ready for pick up.

Please feel free to reach out with a call, text or email to schedule an appointment or ask questions. We will all get through this together. Thank you for your continued support, it means so much to me.

In solidarity and love - Michael

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